Water conditioners to plants

Question: Water conditioners to plants

Can water be used to condition the plants? Thanks

Answer: Water conditioners to plants

Dear Gianna,
the water that the conditioner collects comes from the air in the home, in practice it is the result of the condensation that is created on the devices that heat or cool inside the air conditioner itself; in addition to this, which is constantly collected, during each operating stage of the air conditioner, there is also another, which is collected only when we activate the air conditioner with dehumidifier function. It is therefore the water present in the air of our house. Being the product of condensation, it is essentially demineralized water, which can easily be used to water the plants; indeed, being practically free of harmful mineral salts, or without limestone, it is an excellent water for plants, and especially for acidophilic plants.
Many people believe that plants feed on water; in fact plants make water the same use that we humans do, that is they use it to rehydrate themselves, because living cells are made up mostly of water. Plants instead feed on sugars, which they naturally synthesize through photosynthesis, that is they transform sunlight into nourishment. When we water a plant, we do not supply mineral salts necessary for its life, but simply rehydrate the plant, and make the mineral salts present in the soil available, which dissolve in the water used for watering, or which we add directly with the fertilizer.
Usually the houseplants are watered with the water of the mayor, or that present in the aqueduct, which hardly contains minerals necessary for their development, and more likely contains salts that are not strictly necessary, such as limestone. Also because plants require salts such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, which do not necessarily make good water for a human being; in the aqueduct there is water with a low fixed residue, or the water of the aqueduct must have a low amount of dissolved mineral salts, or it is outlawed and not drinkable. Only in some areas of Italy are there water with high fixed residues, typically in thermal areas; but the water of the spa, although it can be healthy for us humans, that we use it for thermal baths or to drink it, does not necessarily contain mineral salts that are useful for plants, indeed, sometimes they are salts harmful to the roots, or that cannot be absorbed by plants.
It is therefore much more sensible to water with demineralized water, or poorly mineralized water, so as to then be able to add fertilizer, or mineral salts that are actually useful for plants. However, if you intend to use the water in the air conditioner regularly, for the plants or for example for the iron, it is essential that you always keep the air conditioner filters clean, as well as the water container; filter and container in fact, if left dirty for a long time, they can favor the development of mold and fungi, which you would then transfer to the laundry or soil of your plants.