Annual plants

In this video section you will have the opportunity to watch many videos dedicated to the most beautiful annual plants, ideal for embellishing gardens, planters and terraces. Flowering annuals such as geranium, surfinia and petunia, thanks to their flowering, make it possible to decorate and beautify the home throughout the summer months. Thanks to their prolonged flowering in fact these flowers give a touch of color that lasts a long time, provided that it is well known how to cultivate these species. Each of these plants requires special care and in our videos you will be able to understand and learn more about the characteristics of the different plants. The videos begin with the introduction to the annual plants, videos thanks to which you begin to enter the topic and learn more about the flower annuals. The section then continues with monothematic videos dedicated to famous plants such as geraniums, the queen plant par excellence of balconies and planters, surfinie, the surrogate flower of geraniums for the shaded areas of the house, then continuing with all the other annual plants from the large blooms such as fuchsia, gerbera, petunia, dipladenia and other motle.