In this section we will talk about other interesting garden tools: the blowers. Always used for cleaning public and communal areas, the blowers are also useful for cleaning the garden, the area in front of the house and for small and large plots of land. These tools quickly suck up foliage, branches, dried flowers, remains of pruning, litter and all the residues that soil and make the soil untidy. In practice, these tools replace very well the old broom with the shovel. With them it is no longer necessary to sweep, it is enough to pass on every corner of the surface to be cleaned, to make any residue from the ground disappear by blowing and suction. It is undeniable that the use of these tools has great advantages, both in the domestic field and in gardening. For their usefulness we have in fact decided to review them in the articles of our section. In this introductory venue, however, we want to introduce you to examine the most important features. The blowers look like tools with an ergonomic handle and a round tube
(nozzle) from which starts a breath able to remove leaves, grass, pruning remains and more from the ground. The blowers can also work as aspirators and shredders, just change the nozzle (the hose) and replace it with another one supplied, to also enjoy other functions. Usually, the blowers are also vacuum cleaners, ie these functions are integrated into the same tool. Some models can be either aspirators or shredders. With this function, the aspirated plant remains are chopped into small particles to obtain compost or mulching material. As can be noted and also thanks to their multiple functions, the blowers are very practical and versatile tools. On the market there are electric blowers, mixers, accumulators and backed blowers. The former are powered by electricity through a wire to be connected to the electrical socket, the latter take advantage of the power of the fuel, that is of petrol, the accumulator ones are silent, while the backed ones, that is to carry on the shoulder, are suitable for public green works. Electric blowers are quiet enough, light and practical to use. Due to their size and their silence, they are suitable for both garden cleaning and work in areas subject to noise emission limits. Equipped with a powerful air jet, these tools can also be used on large surfaces. Mixing blowers are also very powerful and are powered by a petrol engine. These models include different power classes and can be used both for cleaning public areas and private areas. The shoulder-mounted blowers, much larger than the previous models, are used for cleaning large public areas and to remove different types of debris. These blowers are equipped with supports to be carried on the shoulder. The weight and dimensions of the blowers vary according to the power and length of the round tube or nozzle. The largest and most powerful blowers can weigh over ten kilos. To clean a small garden, however, even smaller and lighter blowers are sufficient. The most powerful models are instead useful in the case of larger surfaces. Before using a blower, we recommend that you read the instructions in the user manual carefully. These instructions also explain how to clean, disassemble and make the chosen blower last longer. The tool should also be cleaned carefully after use, to remove all accumulated remains and debris. Also check the filter and clean it from all the aspirated remains. The constant and systematic cleaning of the filter prevents damage and the consequent replacement. For noisy models, remember to always use the protections against the loud sounds of the tool. The prices of the blowers vary according to the model, power, size, manufacturer and purchase channel. As can be seen, the factors affecting the price are different. Certainly, a larger and more powerful model costs more than a smaller and less powerful one. If you have no particular needs or large surfaces to clean, you can choose smaller, less heavy and therefore less tiring to use models. Small-sized blowers can cost as little as forty euros. Those professional and more powerful, ideal for cleaning large areas, can cost even more than five hundred euros. To save on the cost of professional blowers, you can buy used ones, which on average cost about half of the new ones. More information to help you learn more about these tools, in our section, where we will also examine the most innovative blowers, their features and their multiple functions. Enjoy the reading.