Gardening techniques

To obtain good results in gardening it is essential to know at least two things: the characteristics of the plants in our garden and the gardening techniques. In addition to choosing the right plants based on the exposure, the soil and the climate of the area in which we live, it is important to have good results in plant cultivation, knowing the main gardening techniques. From digging the hole to pruning to the way the plants are watered, it is very important to know how and when to do things. Wrong interventions can cause serious problems to the plants, with consequences that can be reflected in an important way on their health. Through the videos in this section you will learn more about all the main gardening techniques, with the opportunity to observe professionals at work and learn the technique from their actions. In addition to a general introduction to gardening techniques, the videos in this section talk about very important topics for gardening. First of all, a large space is dedicated to pruning plants with a video exclusively dedicated to pruning the hedge, a very interesting topic for anyone who has a hedge on the border in the garden. Another very interesting video is Plant planting, a video that explains step by step how to plant the plants optimally, following all the best tricks for plants and for excellent results. Finally, a delicate and very useful aspect for those who love taking care of their greenery is fertilization, a topic to which 2 interesting videos are dedicated, such as chemical fertilization and organic fertilization. In order not to neglect also the lovers of the cultivation of potted plants, we have also realized 2 very useful videos dedicated to repotting and transplanting, videos that illustrate step by step the best technique to carry out these delicate operations.