Leaf aspirator

What an aspirafoglie is and how it works

A leaf vacuum cleaner or leaf aspirator is an indispensable tool for keeping your garden or green area clean and tidy, without the leaves that, especially in autumn, invade the passage and cover the surfaces. It is a machine that, composed of a tube, reduces cleaning efforts, making it quick and very simple. The practical tool uses a suction system to blow, vacuum and grind the leaves. First it reduces their volume and then lets them enter the bag. The aspirator can then have various types of power and depending on whether it is more or less intense, different jobs can be carried out, such as clearing the green spaces from the foliage and grass cut much faster and without great effort as instead would happen with other more traditional tools.

Leaves aspirator models

There are currently several models of leaf vacuum cleaners on the market from which to choose according to your needs. The most widespread are the aspirators / blowers and petrol-fueled shredders because they are particularly versatile and have a high power and autonomy that allows to carry out rather long jobs. The added shredder, then, allows you to make the most of the supplied bag. Then there are the traditional shoulder blowers, ideal for the most difficult jobs. This type of leaf vacuum cleaner is characterized by a large air flow, powerful combustion engine and low weight. On the other hand, hand-held blowers, suitable for small surfaces, are less powerful. The electric leaf blowers are similar but electrically powered, very practical and suitable for small foliage suction jobs. The battery-powered electric blowers / vacuums, on the other hand, belong to the hobby rank but very practical for small jobs with good autonomy and a fair amount of power. Finally there are the professional explosion-proof leaf blowers on wheels, specially designed to work on large areas.

The prices of the aspire leaves

It is not easy to classify the prices of these devices as there are several models for all prices. Indicatively, however, the prices for the less professional ones are accessible, while some more complex models can exceed 1,000 Ђ such as, for example, the MTD 202E B&S 850 petrol self-propelled petrol blower / shredder which costs around 1,250 Ђ or multifunction self-propelled leaf vacuum cleaner Eurosystems P40 Kohler engine at the price of 1.333 Ђ. Obviously, the more functions and performance, the higher the price. There are also models with more affordable prices for more hobby use but still very practical, such as the McCulloch Mac GBV 345 petrol blower that costs 180 Ђ or the Black & Decker model GW3050 3 in 1 foliage fan / blower 3,000 Watts that costs 128.60 Ђ.

Leaf aspirator: Where you buy a leaf vacuum cleaner

This gardening tool has now become a widespread product, so it is easy to find it anywhere: in shopping malls or DIY specialty stores. Today, however, it is very convenient to surf the net to have a wide range of models available, to be able to compare data sheets and prices by evaluating which one represents the best solution for the jobs we have in mind to do. On Amazon, for example, it is possible to buy in safety, having lots of models to choose from and very competitive prices. Do not disdain, however, even the world of used cars. Taking a ride on ebay or on other trading sites, you might find a great opportunity to buy a professional leaf vacuum cleaner at a very low price. However, whether you buy it in a store or on the web, choosing to buy a leaf vacuum will make it easier for you to free your green space from debris and foliage.