Electric shredder

Electric shredder

The electric shredder is a very useful piece of equipment in the garden, even in small plots. These machines are able to finely grind all the waste produced during the care and maintenance of the garden and the garden. Residues of vegetable cleaning, dry foliage, green leaves, small branches can be shredded, so they can be better managed. If you are forced to give green waste to the ecological island, shredding them will make it possible to compact them a lot, making it easier to introduce them in the specific transport bags. If, on the other hand, you have a good amount of soil, the shredded material can be used for composting, so as to allow it to decompose, to give life to a beneficial garden humus. This tool shreds the materials so well, that in some cases it is also possible to use them as mulch for shrubs and plants.

Electric shredders: how they work

These devices are equipped with a large funnel, connected to a cutting blade cylinder, which is driven by an electric motor; by inserting the material inside the funnel, the motor drives the blades and finely chops it, letting the result fall back onto the ground. There are countless models on the market and in general the most powerful ones are able to shred larger quantities of branches and leaves in less time. The use of shredders with an electric motor makes it possible to slightly limit the noise produced by these devices; noise can be further reduced by purchasing models specifically designed for operation in small gardens, placed between the houses. Compared to a chipper, the shredder allows grinding of smaller branches, for small diameters; but on the other hand the blades are also able to shred the foliage and the remains of fruit and vegetables.

Used electric shredder

These devices have a very high cost; for models with less power, figures close to 200 euros can be spent, which rise rapidly when looking for more powerful equipment, or suitable for grinding even branches of a certain consistency. Since the operation is very simple and it is machinery with a few simple components, the possibility of buying is interesting electric shredders used. The shredders are designed to work for many hours, and even a used product can still be able to grind garden waste very well for many years. It is therefore convenient to turn to a used product, provided that an expert is able to guarantee that it is a product that is still in good condition: the blades and the motor must still be fully functional, and must not show obvious signs of wear.

The result of the work

Every time we take care of the garden we produce large amounts of grass, leaves, twigs; even just the cleaning of hedges, carried out at the end of winter, causes heaps of branches and leaves. If we bring everything to the ecological island, this material will be composted to produce the humus and the garden soil. Thanks to shredders these residues can become a resource instead of a waste: the ground material tends to decompose very quickly, even if only leaving it on the ground, becoming an excellent soil, rich in nitrogen, which makes the soil more fertile and improves its texture. The expense for a shredder is generally quite substantial, but just think how much it will save us in soil and mulching materials to understand how quickly we will be able to repay our new equipment.