Crawler wheelbarrow

The tracked wheelbarrow

The crawler wheelbarrow has the particularity of using the tracks as a traction system, instead of the classic wheel. The shape of the box, in some cases, resembles that of the classic wheelbarrow box, while in other cases it is completely different, usually rectangular, with the presence of sides that can even be expandable, to facilitate loading operations of particularly bulky materials . There are also versions which, despite being tracked wheelbarrows, are equipped with simple loading platforms, without side walls or sides, this is the case of the means used for transporting wood, for example, or bags. The body can be tilted, manually or hydraulically and in some versions it can also be lifted before tipping over.

The main uses in construction

Except in versions where the body resembles that of the classic wheelbarrow, in other cases the tracked model is more a small means for transporting and / or handling various materials than a simple wheelbarrow with particular characteristics and some advantages. Thanks to its extreme versatility it can be equipped, as well as with the bins, also with front loading blades, to make it completely autonomous. The market also offers kits to make the body lift up to about 150 cm from the ground, to facilitate loading operations on any trucks and with a few simple operations it is possible to replace the body with a cement mixer that allows you to have practically two vehicles in one. The flatbed body or the rectangular one with sides allow the transport of bags and bricks in complete comfort.

The main uses in agriculture

Given its versatility, the crawler wheelbarrow can be used comfortably in many working environments including agriculture. Here it can be used to move earth, load sacks, logs. With track-type traction and its compact dimensions, this vehicle can climb even in places where traveling with tractors can be extremely dangerous, thus solving problems related to the difficult accessibility of the site. The tracks, then, allow you to disentangle practically in all situations. Some versions can mount a leveler in the front that can be used to move and level the earth, but also to remove snow in winter, like a normal snowplough blade. It should be remembered that these vehicles are able to overcome slopes of 38%, becoming very versatile and necessary tools when working conditions are quite demanding.

Crawler Wheelbarrow: Special fittings

The crawler wheelbarrow is a versatile means not only for the multiple fields of use, but also for the various configurations it can take. It should be remembered that some versions are equipped with a rear seat on which the operator is seated, using the equipment on board the machine, also taking advantage of the convenience of not having to walk, while on the move. The special fittings allow to mount, on the machine, pneumatic hammers, excavators, special tools for digging ditches for the laying of cables or pipes, uprights for hydraulic lifts as in a forklift, to lift palletised loads. Some versions are equipped with a remote control, so that the user also works away from the machine, guaranteeing precision and safety.