Sage infusion

Sage infusion

The word sage comes from the Latin "salvus" which means save, in the sense of healing. So already in the very name of this plant is the benefit that can be derived from it. Sage was used since ancient times. The first evidence of the use of this plant dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed that it could be an excellent solution for fertility problems. Widespread also in Roman times and in Chinese medicine due to its healing properties, the sage must, however, be used with caution. As in all things, exaggeration has the opposite effect and excessive use could become dangerous. And then if you feel exhausted, tired or feverish, the right idea is to prepare yourself a good one sage infusion which helps to give the body the substances necessary for regeneration. There are many ailments that can be treated and soothed by drinking a good sage infusion. Moreover, this drink has a great taste so, even without hassles, it can be a substitute for the classic afternoon tea.

How to prepare a sage infusion

Sage infusions are readily available in herbal medicine, but also in large supermarkets, given that the companies producing tea and herbal teas have expanded their range of tastes and beverage varieties in recent years. But what you prepare yourself has always a better taste. So how to prepare a sage infusion in your own home? First of all it is necessary to have a sage seedling in the house (these too are now easily available in gardening stores). From our seedling we take a certain number of sage leaves, depending on how much we want our drink to be tasty (in any case we need at least ten), and we wash them well. Then in a saucepan with water, dip the sage leaves and bring to a boil. At the end of cooking, add grated lemon peel or juice and pour into a cup. Let us sugar to taste and enjoy our good and healthy sage infusion.

The benefits of the sage infusion

The use of sage in the treatment of certain diseases or disorders of the body has been documented since ancient times, but what are the specific benefits of the sage infusion? First of all, sage is widely used by women because it helps relieve monthly pain caused by the menstrual cycle. Not only! Sage is very suitable for menopausal women, because it helps to rebalance the hormonal system and to avoid the discomfort of hot flashes, typical of this condition. Sage is also widely used for swelling and distortions in the medical-sports field. Excellent ally against poor digestion, the sage infusion is a drink recommended for fevers derived from problems affecting the brain and the nervous system in general. Of course, sage is also suitable for treating a trivial cold. In general, this drink brings a total benefit to the body and helps prevent certain ailments and live healthily.

Excessive use of sage

Excessive use of sage can cause many problems. If it is true that there are numerous benefits deriving from the use of this plant in all its forms (infusion, oil, etc.), it is also true that a wrong and unregulated use of this plant could become dangerous for our organism . Especially in the form of oil, the sage is very powerful and for this it takes a lot of attention in handling it. Undoubtedly contact with the eyes and ingestion should be avoided. After handling the sage oil it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly. If we have said that drinking a good sage infusion can help our digestive system to perform its functions, we must also say that an abuse of this drink can cause, as an annoying side effect, dysentery attacks. So you have to be very careful. It is good to drink sage infusions but it is right to do so in moderation.