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French grapes

The promotion of vineyards in the lands beyond the Alps

French grapes have always been better known than Italian ones. The reason is to be found in the fact that the promotion activity began already in the XVIII century. Above all, the English appreciated taste and color and imported large quantities of wine. With the colonization of America, French wine also spread to the American regions. Although France and England were two rival territories, wine was the only point of agreement. When the English occupied the Bordolese they used the vineyards to produce the wine that still today has kept the Anglo-Saxon term "Claret". Advertising has made its greatest contribution to the spread of these grapes. Sporting and cultural events are sponsored by the best French wine brands, a factor that has contributed to making it famous in the world.

Luxury, wealth and splendor of French champagne

Who doesn't know at least by hearing the champagne? Those who have tasted it have certainly enjoyed its taste. Noble and precious are the characteristics that French grapes give to wine. Its taste is refined through studies and techniques related to the sparkling effect. France has the world record in the export of Champagne. Many countries have tried to imitate it and some of these have achieved great results thanks to favorable climatic and territorial conditions. From the extraordinary audacity of a monk, Dom PŠ¹rignon, we arrive at the invention of sparkling wine obtained with the union of the most prized grapes of the Linguedoca. This monk becomes famous after realizing that he could create a wine with bubbles.

Vineyard management and care: techniques and maintenance

The care of a vineyard is a hard and boring job but it is fundamental for a good harvest. French grapes need to be followed well. Its varieties that are different, from pinot noir to pinot blanc, from cabernet sauvignon to merlot, the vineyards of Burgundy where these grapes grow need maintenance and constant interventions. Over time the growers have understood that the earth must be treated well and followed seriously. Grape quality is not enough, but new techniques and some investment on the machines are needed. In France, an engineer invented "Vigne Intelligence Naturelle", a small robot suitable for carrying out maintenance work in the vineyards. The French grape of 600 vineyards will be managed by "Vin" in the phase before and after the harvest.

French grapes: The hills with rows of vineyards and traditions in Burgundy

Among abbeys, castles and traditions, the rows of Burgundy vineyards mark the passage of tourists and the smell of the earth. Thanks to the clay soil characterized by gypsum, French grapes grow in ideal conditions. Dijon is the capital of Burgundy and is distinguished by its history and numerous artistic beauties. Beaune, on the other hand, is the wine capital where every year the "auction of Hospices wines" takes place, that is the charity of the wine sold. The hospices are the cellars located under the castles, the old monasteries or the crypts of the ancient churches. The festival is popular and is the occasion where you can taste the very fine wines and learn about their history. The innkeeper invites tourists and the curious to admire the old bottles.