Casentinesi Forest Park

Casentinesi Forest Park

The Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi occupies an area on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with one of the most extensive and best preserved woodlands of the entire Italian peninsula. The protected area extends between the provinces of ForlŠ¼-Cesena, Arezzo and Florence. It is made up of the Romagna valleys of Montone, Rabbi and Bidente, subdivided into three branches: Corniolo, Ridracoli and Pietrapazza, which meet a little further north than Santa Sofia. From the part of Tuscany, we find a small portion of the Mugello, of which the Casentino is part, an area that reaches the upper valley of the Arno, a river that rises from Mount Falterona, which, with Mount Falco are the highest peaks of the parco.Il territory is covered by the Casentino state forests, of extraordinary wealth and fauna and flora.

The flora and fauna of the Casentino Forests Park

The flora and fauna of the Casentino Forests Park are extremely interesting, with wonderful extensions of different plant varieties, from trees, to shrubs, from flowers to bushes. Up to a height of 800 meters above sea level, we can admire, among others: the black hornbeam and the white hornbeam, the ostrich, the Turkey oak, the field maple and the opal maple, the domestic rowan, the sanguinelli , and along the rivers, the hazels and willows meet. In the undergrowth you can admire beautiful blooms of hellebores, primroses, violets, lungwort and the anemone of the woods. Also the fauna is very rich and diversified, we find the wolf, the wild boar, the deer, the roe deer and the fallow deer. Woodland rodents, reptiles and many species of birds also find a favorable habitat.

The itineraries of the Casentino Forest Park

The itineraries of the Casentino Forest Park are all enclosed in the park's motto: "Walking to learn about and protect nature, but also to know and love yourself ... and others". Hiking in this park is an extraordinary opportunity to appreciate this area, in all seasons of the year. The paths, the ancient mule tracks, the ridges from which you can admire a breathtaking view, combine to offer the visitor a truly unique and unrepeatable experience. The park. in collaboration with the Italian Alpine Club, it has made available to hikers a wide range of routes, of varying length and difficulty: i: over 600 km of trails, twenty itineraries dedicated to mountain biking, nine nature trails for naturalistic interpretation and two routes easily accessible even to the disabled, such as the blind, those who move in a wheelchair or those with walking problems.

Casentinesi Forest Park: Environmental education in the Casentino Forest Park

Environmental education in the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi is certainly one of the park's main and institutional goals. With the aim of preserving and preserving nature, but also to make known and appreciate the territory that composes it, with its traditions, its culture, its history. The Casentino Forests Park is like a laboratory, to which visitors have access, but above all school children but not only. It is now known that it is easier to learn when you see and experience live. Personal growth is then increased by the fact of living the experience with one's companions. For this reason, the Park Authority organizes programs for all age groups, with the intention of involving as many young people as possible. The projects are entrusted to subjects, such as cooperatives and guides, who are very experienced.